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Využitie hybridných genetických algoritmov pre tvorbu skladaných výtokových čiar

Využitie hybridných genetických algoritmov pre tvorbu skladaných výtokových čiar

Hybrid genetic algorithms used for construction of assembled master recession curves

• tento článok sa nachádza v kategórii: PODZEMNÁ VODA / rok 2010 [ ročník XVI, číslo 2 ]
Miloš Gregor, Peter Malík

ABSTRACT: Recession curve analyses represents frequently used method in hydrological and hydrogeological investigations. Computation methods, using evolution algorithm concept, first of all group of optimization methods known as genetic algorithms, provide interesting methodical approach, applicable on the process of construction of assembled recession curves. This approach to stream or spring hydrograph analyses, leading to master recession curve definition by assemblage of hydrograph segments, by help of hybridised genetic algorithm, is together with practical application presented in the paper. Its aim was to create methodology of recession curve construction, avoiding problems such as complicated hydrograph shape, short time-series intervals, imprecise measurements, different time intervals of observations (daily or weekly values), different types of datasets (averaged or directly measured data). Presented methods fulfils such criteria, the only type of discharge curve it is not possible to deal with is the constant outflow. Great advantage of the method is, that for the described method, the algorithm was already implemented to a programme solution, so that applicability of the hybrid genetic algorithms method for master recession curve creation is possible without knowledge on programming. It is possible to use the results of the evolutional assembling of the master recession curve for further analyses and processing within the programme RC 4.0, presented by authors.

odkaz na článok:
Miloš G. & P. Malík, 2010: Využitie hybridných genetických algoritmov pre tvorbu skladaných výtokových čiar.- Podzemná voda ISSN 1335-1052, XVI, 2/2010, 152-166.

jazyk článku: slovenčina

kľúčové slová: hybridné genetické algoritmy, evolučné algoritmy, reprezentatívna výtoková čiara, skladaná výtoková čiara, programové riešenie

key words: hybrid genetic algorithms, evolutional algorithms, master recession curves, assembled recession curve, programme solution

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