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Trícium v zrážkových, povrchových a podzemných vodách Demänovskej doliny

Trícium v zrážkových, povrchových a podzemných vodách Demänovskej doliny

Tritium in precipitation, surface waters and groundwater in the Demänovská dolina valley

• tento článok sa nachádza v kategórii: PODZEMNÁ VODA / rok 2016 [ ročník 22, číslo 1 ]
Peter Malík, Juraj Michalko, Dagmar Haviarová, Anton Auxt

ABSTRACT: A total of 32 sampling sites for regular observation of tritium in Slovak water were established in the Demänovská dolina Cave system and its vicinity in 2011 and 2012. This monitoring, performed at approximately two monthly intervals, included the following water sources; precipitation, surface streams, groundwater in boreholes and springs, and the underground hydrological system with streams, lakes and dripping seepage in the cave system. The area extended from 800 m a. s. l. at the lowermost cave entrance to 2,024 m a. s. l. on Chopok Mt. at the top of the crystalline range. While high variation from 4.0 to 19.1 TU was established in precipitation 3H, many similarities were noted in waters from the surface, the underground hydrological system, borehole groundwater and cave-system dripping seepage; where 3H registered 1.5 to 15.9 TU in the entire non-precipitation dataset. No significant differences were observed in the following waters; (1) surface streams from the crystalline mountain range had median values of 3H 8.3 TU; (2) smaller “autochthonous karstic” surface water streams formed in the valleys adjacent to the main karstic canyon recorded 9.3 TU median value; (3) waters running in the underground karstic system registered 8.7 TU and (4) stagnant waters in the underground karstic system lakes had 9.3 TU. Meanwhile, the groundwater in boreholes (7.4 TU) and springs (8.7 TU) registered slightly different values. The greatest difference was noted in autochthonous seepage waters which circulated slowly through the fissures. Although their 3H TU median of 8.7 was quite similar, this water was isotopically enriched with δ18O -9.8 ‰ and δ2H -66.7.

odkaz na článok:
Malík, P., Michalko, J., Haviarová, D. & A. Auxt, 2016: Trícium v zrážkových, povrchových a podzemných vodách Demänovskej doliny.- Podzemná voda ISSN 1335-1052, 22, 1/2016, 20-39.

jazyk článku: slovenčina

kľúčové slová: Trícium, zrážkové vody, povrchové vody, podzemná voda, vrty, Demänovská dolina, Nízke Tatry

key words: Tritium, precipitation, surface water, groundwater, boreholes, Demänovská dolina Valley, Nízke Tatry Mts.

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